Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Cracker

I am in a Christmas Cracker exchange on CQI list and here is my completed cracker. Can't share the inside just yet as it is a surprise. I will share when she has received it ! I wrapped it in gold/red Christmas fabric and used lace for the tie for each end. I picked 2 different laces so she got more than one! We had to use 7" of a paper towel roll, fill it with goodies and then make a CQ block to wrap it in. I did that but then wrapped it with a larger piece of fabric so that everything was covered! Tight squeeze to get much in 7" of cardboard so some of mine was hanging out each end, thought this was a great way to cheat and cover it up. I am so thrilled that it is done and also the CQ block is the first one that I successfully pieced and sewed by machine without being completely annoyed about the whole thing. I usually piece and sew by hand. This was a quick and fun way to get things moving at the speed I needed today! I will be doing more of this in the future I am sure. Now to add the back to my Victorian Boot swap and get it ready to mail tomorrow and I can relax on the swap front until after the holidays! So after tomorrow I can think about turkey and finishing up the Christmas gifts laying on the sewing machine, of course I failed to mention that the "craft" room here at DD's needs alittle adjustment since I brought some of my things here so that it is workable! LOL Minor adjustments I am telling you.........

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and your lovely comment, cracker swap sounds like a lot of fun :)


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