Thursday, November 19, 2009

Here Birdie Birdie!

My latest venture as someone new to SC is to put out a bird feeder! It hangs off the dining room window. I am hoping that I will attrack some birds. As you can see there is a wooded area behind the house and I know there are birds there, just don't get to see them up close. I don't know if this will work since it is so close to the house, but it can't hurt to try! Sorry no stitching pictures today. Also it is a bad picture due to cloudy weather this AM. I wanted to share my Victorian Boot with you but it is supposed to be kept a secret until it arrives at it's new home so we will have to wait. A stop at the Goodwill this AM scored me a brown wool jacket, a plaid silk jacket, plus a silk vest for fabric use, at $1, they were a great deal. I also got a black vest for wearing at the same price. I spent more on a great hardback book on Country decorating and a white metal box, $2 for the book and $1.80. Almost forgot the pansy wallpaper border at $1.50. I learned on my trip to AZ to use wallpaper in paper crafting, card making-duh! So I was excited to find this and espcially in a purple pansy print.


  1. Hey Karen, sorry I've been MIA. I've been so consumed in my own whining!! LOL. I forgot you moved too, and far, like me. How are things going?? I love feeding the birds and will miss it this winter, but if I have time I'll get some up in Maine.

    Looks like you've been doing really cool swaps. SIGH. I hope to do some once I dig all my cr@p, I mean CRAFT sutff out!!

  2. They'll come I promise! They aren't that afraid when they're on the other side of the glass. And so worth the wait!
    What great deals you found, I love shopping in the resale shops!


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