Saturday, November 21, 2009

Embroidered Quilt Blocks

I mentioned these quilt blocks that I am working on. I love the colors and the picture is cute. I have this one almost finished, just a bit of the green to finish. I couldn't wait to share it. I think that there are 8 of them to do. I can see this with a pretty purple/lavender print used to finish the top of the quilt. I hope I am up to finishing it, seems a bit of a challenge but I am sure enjoying working on these blocks.
Of course I made a rather big mistake in my haste to start number 2 block I didn't pick the correct side to work on and after doing the dragonfly realized that I had the block backwards! Today was a ripit day for me. I have it all taken out and now am restarting it while I watch OSU beat Michigan!! This AM I put out a few Christmas things out for DD. A small tree on the front porch, a wreath on the door and a doormat on the floor. We also got the village houses out that she collects. Next we need a nice day to wrap the porch rails in greens and lights. A glorious day today but she had to work and didn't want me to do it alone. Next weekend the tree goes up! I can't wait I am like a child when it comes to Christmas!


  1. Oh sooo nostalgic. What will you do with them when they are done?

  2. nice work you are doing - what a pain to have to rip out work - i am with you on that - i have had to rip out seams on slipcovers sewn wrong side before but never embroidery work - i would think the embroidery work would be more painful to rip out - painful to the soul that is -

    very nice work though -


    also, thank you for stopping by my blog and joining - i appreciate it -

  3. I love the quilt blocks, I love to embroider it is one of my favorite past times but something I do so infrequently these days. It will make a lovely quilt.

  4. Julie,
    There are 6 of them and they are quilt blocks. I hope to find a great fabric to use to piece the blocks together and make a quilt or throw out of them. Thanks for stopping by!


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