Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Christmas Stocking

While in AZ I visited with BFF Kalli's parents Agnes and Clark. We were friends before DH and I left AZ for SC, so I went and ate meals with them and talked. We also spent time going out to eat and they listened to me whine. Agnes bakes the best bread plus she works with stained glass. She does beautiful work and I have always admired her things. She gave me a gorgeous cross before I left! I feel so lucky to own it and it arrived safely in my carryon! Isn't it sweet?? Gotta love the pink flower on it! Thanks for everything!!
Today when I had time I sat down and went through the mail from the past two weeks and OH MY !!! The goodies that had been bestowed on me!! I did a Christmas stocking exchange over on Lyn's blog: QuiltinLion and this is the stocking and the Goodies inside! I didn't stuff my stocking and I feel so bad about now after receiving mine! Sharon from Chatenooga ,TN was my partner and was I blessed! I got a beautiful stocking with goreous Santa's (the theme for the stocking) on it. See below! Included inside were: beads, Chocolates (!), silkies and then in a cute black bag was all the goodies to make a black and white Crazy Quilt! I mean everything: picture of finished quilt, fabric, muslin, trims etc! Funny thing is a black and white block or quilt where on my future to do list! Sharon was reading my mind. I had seen a splendid block by Janet in CO using black and white with pink accents and had thought about starting one soon. Like I don't have enough other projects, but a girl can dream, can't she?

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