Sunday, December 13, 2009


Bella's new scarf that I knitted for her. It was great to work on something in my favorite color plus the brown was a nice accent in this varigated yarn. I am knitting red wool cones right now that will be felted in the washer when completed. I will share one when it is felted. I baked a pumpkin pie and chocolate Christmas cookies so I am keeping busy. I continue to stitch on the quilt blocks and am adding initials in rick rack to the girls' pillowcases. Can you see I have multiple projects going on??


  1. Hi Karen!
    Thanks so much for stopping by! I love all your pink Christmas trees and decor too! I picked up those same beautiful Martha Stewart pink "berries" ornaments at Kmart too! I have them hanging from a rack in my kitchen - I just loved those velvet leaves! Pictures of that soon on my blog! Oh, here's a tip to get your angel tree topper to behave - bend the tip of the tree in half making it thick enough to keep her sturdy - hope that does the trick for you!

  2. Hi Karen...I love the pink with brown in this scarf...It looks like (from scrolling through your blog!) you and I have the same "Pink" thing going on....things that I create...just end up being Pink! left a beautiful message on my made me day! Thanks, colleen


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