Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Decorations Beware of PINK

This morning I wanted to share with you alittle of "my" Christmas decorations. Since with live with DD it is her house to decorate and we don't share the same tastes (imagine that), so I have put up 2 tiny trees for me. The first one is in the sewing room. I just bought it at Micheals on Black Fri. When I went to put it up I realized that I had no ornaments left but wanted it up regardless. Thank goodness it came with lights so then the dilema was on, how to decorate, well after digging in my sewing drawers and my button box and my jewelry box..... This maybe the craziest and for sure the most unique tree I have ever decorated. The best part besides being cute is it cost me nothing to decorate!! What do you think? I even found a crocheted angel to sit on top, she is not real happy there and tends to fall over but at least she behaved for the pictures!

The next tree is sitting beside my bed. There was alittle planning to this tree I got pink decorations at Hobby Lobby & Kmart. The cute skirt is from Kohls and I think the birds are Hobby Lobby & Walmart.

Nothing really special but to me it is with no home of my own this year to decorate. You have to make do sometimes! This is one of them for me.

I just had to have a Christmas Cactus this year. I don't think I have ever had one before and of course what color but pink! I have really become more attached to things of nature and plants that need little care work for me. Thanks to my dad and his love for making things grow!


  1. Hi Karen, you REALLY are into pink this Christmas, love that pink tree and all the great ornaments. It's hard to get into the Christmas spirit at times if we don't have a tree! Your Santa cookie looks yummy, but I be they won't last!

  2. I love the pink, and your Christmas cactus is giving you a pink Christmas also. Maybe the Christmas spirit will come over me when we get our tree up.

  3. Lots of pink goodness you have going on!! So pretty! Merry Christmas a little early!!

  4. Hey Karen -- pink seems to be the "in" color to decorate for Christmas this year. See Anne Sutton's blog at Bunny Hill designs -- she went for pink too.

  5. Lesa,
    Thanks for the Bunny Hill website! I love her free quilt blocks and printed out everyone of the redwork ones!! Great site to visit!


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