Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pink Christmas

A shopping stop at KMart was a great time when I found these wonderful pink things for Christmas!! I wish the little basket had more pink to it, but that can be fixed!! Wouldn't it have been sweet if it had been painted white with pink items in it? Guess I will have a new mission, like I need one! LOL No big tree here this year so I am dreaming for next year. I just couldn't help myself I love pink so much! Haven't even had time to decorate the tiny tree in our bedroom, maybe tomorrow I will get it done. I love Christmas as much as I love pink!! We have a gorgeous sunny day, not warm but beautiful anyway here in SC, hoping that you don't have too much snow or cold where you are. I am so excited that I got a lead on a pair of white ice skates on Craigs List. I wanted them to use to decorate with during the holidays! I will share when I get them!


  1. Guess you need to head to the store for some pink spary paint!!

  2. i love the pink goodies that you found!!!


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