Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Cracker

I wanted to share these pictures with you of the Christmas Cracker I recieved in a swap on the CQI list. It is from Maria in Portugal! Can you believe that it came all that way?  I just adore the CQ block that she made me, the tatting and bead work are gorgeous. She included some beautiful threads, cute Christmas decorations and lovely things from her sountry of Portugal. I am so thrilled  with all of it. Thanks Maria!!
I am working on a Winter block for CQ4N list. It will be sent to another member to be worked on and returned to me. I will work on the other person's block and then return it. I have done 2 other exchanges like this and loved it so I can't wait for this one. I decided to get started on this so there would be no pressure on me. I had the block pieced from the start of the swap many months ago, but needed to get the stitching done. This is a WIP, the blue trim needs sewed down and of course the snowman needs finished. Right now it reminds me of a Halloween mummy! LOL I hope it will look better with coal bits on it to make its face! Light blue is not one of my favorite colors but it seems to be what makes me think of winter. I know it needs some snowflakes on it somewhere yet.


  1. You can do it! And snowflakes would look so nice with the blue, your already on the right track!

  2. I like the little peeps (chicks) in your new header! One of my hens presented me with 6 on NYD. Not a big problem except for this cold spell. Hard to keep water to animals when it's 11AM and has not made it to freezing yet!
    You may inspire me to do the winter one. Your block is pretty and the snowman is coming along nicely.


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