Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Creative Tues!

Today I got in the creative mood and went to the sewing room to start something new. I started this CQ block yesterday and finished it up today. I need to finish the handsewing the one black piece down, I have wanted to start a black and white block for some time. I want to embellish it with pink. I need a CQ challenge block for CQI for the year so I am going to use this one and some others I plan to start with the monthly challenges that will be similar to it.

Then I starting thinking that I wanted to make some ATCs. I have made a couple but have never been really happy with the way they turned out. So today I dug out the info (from the internet  of course) and pieced two and then started the other with a piece of silk that I want to try to embellish. They all are ready for hand work. CQ4Ns talked about an ATC swap so maybe with some work I will be ready to get into it.

I have another block to get started for a swap on CQI a first timers block. So that will be my next challenge. I still want to work on more black and white blocks, so I am not sure what I will do for that block.

Hoping you all had a creative day too!


  1. I love your black and white CQ block. Do you know what you will be embellishing it with?

  2. I am thinking about pink, can't decide if I will add white and black too that as well. Thanks!

  3. I just had to tell you how stinkin' cute I think your header is! :-)

    I so wish I was crafty, I envy those of you whose creativity produces something tangible and tactile.

    Have a great week,


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