Thursday, January 7, 2010

Moving along in 2010~

Today it seems that blogger has a mind of it's own and has decided where my pictures will land! Not what I had in mind but we will just have to work with it I guess. I wanted to share the updates on the three ACTs that I was working on and sharing earlier. They are all embellished, although a button or bead wouldn't hurt, plus I need to add the back and stitch the edges (guess they are not done!! LOL) The blue silk I just embroidered the fabric and add some shiny threads while embroidery on the CQ seams was added to the others plus a flower or two.

Here is a new block that I have started. Again in the black and white color scheme, The CQI group is doing a challenge for Jan on curves and fans. I think I got them both, but it was a challenge! I am not sure about how this turned out. I know that their must be an easier way to go about this. Loving the colors and fabrics that I used. It will look so much better when I get the fan embellished!
Not everything is bigger in Texaz! These are some king size pinecones that they grow down here in SC! WOW! Best part is that they are free!! Of course we could do with a dose of warmer weather, I feel like I am back in OH. Best of all they are calling for snow tonight, but the sun is out and was not supposed to be so maybe that is a good sign!! Have a blessed day!


  1. we got some big pine cones like this in Tahoe a few years back, they were huge..

  2. Your embellishment stitches are beautiful and go nicely with your blocks. Thanks for sharing.


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