Thursday, January 7, 2010

Milestone Slipped by Me!!

I passed a milestone just before Christmas and didn't even realize it! I have been blogging for a year! I can't believe it, but I do wonder what I did before I blogged!! Guess I will be having a late giveaway so stay tuned!! LOL  On to more fun things, a trip to Goodwill (where else do I go on Thurs morning you must wonder!! First beautiful buttons off of dollar deals, the smaller ones are a pale green which doesn't show up well in this picture. They match the lace that I have to show you below.Isn't  this bird picture adorable? Not bad for 50 cents!
tHere is the green lace, the flash washed it out a bit. There are some pearls and sequins attached to it too. Not alot of it but for a dollar I am not complaining! The book below is old and filled with beautiful music that I can use in projects. The deal of the day, I won't bore you with pictures: Ladies Ice Skates! $6!!! Yes!! I have been wanting some for awhile to use as decorations. Now I have them and at a bargain price to boot. Next is deciding exactly what I want to do and how to do it. Do they stay while, do I add decals of pink things, mmmmm Questions, ideas! No I am not planning to take up skating due to the supposed snow that is to grace our doorsteps tonight! Totally insane to snow in SC just because I moved here.........................


  1. Hi Karen
    Thank you so much for visiting over at my place and for entering my giveaway.
    Happy New Year
    ~ Tina

  2. Nice finds! I wish our local thrift shops had such nice bargains. I guess I'll have to wonder down to a larger town and shop at their little stores. LOL

  3. can't wait for the giveaway, maybe no one else will notice when you post it and I'll win, haha

  4. Loved to know what you are going to do with the music. I have some tags I want to do. An old hymn book too. Those birds are adorable. Ice skates...ummmm??? They probably do need some pink and glitter???

  5. Hi Karen, lots of cute little goodies to work with, and I'm just crazy about those cute little pink chicks in your muffin tin on the header. It makes me think spring!
    Congratulations on your year anniversary!

  6. You scored BIG!! Awesome finds. I'm looking for skates too- for glitter and mica and stuff! Heck, living here in Maine, surely I should be able to find some!!

  7. Hey Karen had to come look at your goodies...;-)
    I am liking those Glam Buttons too...go figure...but where is the pink???? ;-)


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