Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Minkee Throw update and a Rose

Not alot more done but it looks so nice laying on the living room floor. I have the rows all sewed and the left side of the rows are sewed together. The top on the left (really hard to see) has been trimmed down to appropriate size. There is a large triangle that is added to the upper left corner plus two stips of fabric and another triangle to the bottom right corner. Right now I am still having trouble visualizing the final look but it is getting there and not going too bad.

Here is a small rose that I made from the selvedge of the minkee. It turned out cute, wishing I had turned the fabric the opposite way, so that from the top you could see the right side of the fabric instead of being able to see the right side of the fabric from the side, one of those DUH moments in my life!! Today I cleaned up the sewing room today so that is why I didn't get much done on the throw, but it is so much easier to move around and find things in there. Problem being I had to give up the desk where the sewing machine was sitting so that DH could have his computer in there and sit at a real desk. Feeling alittle annoyed to have to give up even a small spot in "my" room! Guess I shouldn't whine at least I have a spot to sew and it isn't the kitchen table. No pink work today as I laid it down to work on the last cross stitched quilt block. This is number 6 and I will be so happy to have them all done. Next I will need to do some fabric shopping for some fabric to go with the blocks and make up the quilt top. Nothing like an excuse to buy fabric!! I did order 2 new books today: Crazy Patchwork by Janet Haigh and FiberArt Montage by Judith Baker Montano. The first one is a used book, my favorite kind and the second one is on sale! Can't beat that in my book. I got a check today from a friend who sold yarn that I left in AZ which more than covered both of these purchases, so found money to pay for them with. Off for an evening of stitching!

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  1. Looks like you are making fine progress on your throw. I also love the pink quilt squares you have been working on. You certainly do keep busy.


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