Monday, January 18, 2010

Bunnies and Shamrocks

The pinkwork continues! I can't believe that I have another one done! They are going so quickly, todays is shamrocks and a bunny. Bet you never saw a pink shamrock before, me either but I am loving the look. The next block is a bunny and a chick. Guessing this one is an Easter block, rushing the season again, but as you know I love anything Spring!
Today seems like a Spring day here in SC. The sun has been shining all day and the temperature is in the 60 degrees! Makes me want to dance, it was like this Sat morning and after I went to the landfill (big thrill there, and you should have seen their faces when I pulled in with a PT Cruiser convertible and said I had stuff to dump~ priceless!!!), I cam home and gathered pine needles for a grouping with pinecones on the porch table and then picked up pieces of tree that were laying in the back yard. It had fallen the week before Christmas and there were small branches and trunk everywhere. I got sick of looking at it, so out to the back where it fell from I went and hauled the junk out there. Here is the wind chime that lets me know when the wind is picking up!      Have a lovely week!!

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  1. Nice job on the embroidered block. You can send some of that sunshine over here to the westcoast anytime. LOL


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