Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pink Work

Here is the newest of the pink work embroidery. This one is pretty plain and not too exciting but I knew DD would love it as she loves butterflies. I still have to add the antenae to it and then it will be done.
Today was also dollar day at Goodwill. I picked up this cute wicker heart basket. It needs the paint touched up but for 50 cents, I also got two gorgeous silver colored candle holders, no pictures as they some how got left at the store and I hope they will be there when I return in the AM. They were a deal at 50 cents each! Victorian looking with small flowers. I picked up some clothing for CQ, buttons on several pieces and beading on a blouse collar. Planning to work on the quilt block tonight, then starting another pice of pink work tomorrow. Our sun is gone and we are being rained on, guess we deserve it after the last three gorgeous warm days. Tomorrow I am going to the storage unit and see if I can find one of my rotary cutters, man I miss not having one here and can't see spending the money when I know I have one!!
Blessings for a great weekend.

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  1. I have that same bunny BOM pattern. How big are your blocks? I did one of the applique ones and was disappointed at how small it is -- don't know if I will do the rest.

    Happy Blog Anniversary!


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