Friday, January 22, 2010

Have you ever made a CQ template

Sounds like a crazy question right, from a crazy lady I might tell you!! I have started a Crazy Quilting online class at Stitchmap (see my join button). The first lesson was on making templates for stitching. It started out sounding pretty difficult and turned out to be so easy. Cheap as well, $2.00 for three pages.

I printed off the pages to be made into templates, then cut them apart and taped them onto another sheet of paper, giving myself a couple inches in between (great idea from my mentor Shari!) Then off I went to Office Dept to get them printed as.....................dang there went the old mind, you will get it when you see the picture!! Tonight's job will be to cut them out and then punch the tiny holes for the marking of the templates onto fabric. A 1/16th inch hole punch was needed and that was a bit of a challenge to find (good old wally came through here). The trickiest part to the class is that I am starting in the middle (behind about 5-6 classes) , no pressure here! LOL I am looking forward to this class and getting caught up, mostly though I am thrilled to have such a great mentor in Shari!!
Finally here are the candle holders that I left laying at Goodwill, they were there when I went in this morning. I know that they are really dirty so they need a bath, but a paint job just maybe in order, time will tell.
Hoping to get some stitching done this weekend, maybe the throw back on the machine so the top can be closer to being finished. I didn't find those darn rotary cutters at storage but I did haul a bunch of fun stuff back here to play with. DD will be thrilled to have me haul in more "junk". A girl has to have her toys. I found stamp pads for fabric, my fabric crayons, fabric and more so it will keep me busy for awhile!!
Have a super weekend. Will make a decision on a prize tomorrow!!


  1. It is Fantastic to have you in the class, it is fantastic!!! My apprentice started about 2 weeks ago. We just got to lesson 4. You'll catch up in no time:)

    Ya the templates were so cheap to make. using the hole puncher was interesting. But the templates work fantastically. I have been using them for other projects.

    Look forward to seeing your fabric choices in the coming lesson. Glad to have you on board.

    Ann Flowers

  2. Hey, girl you will probably zoom right by me!! Remember I'm behind. I may not finish first (always a good bet) but I'll keep chugging along. :0


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