Monday, January 25, 2010

Blogiversary Giveaway! Extended Date!!

I thought I would share with you the goodies that I am planning for my give away!  I have also decided to extend the drawing date to Jan 30th, giving you a little more time! I wanted to share with someone the beauty and softness of the Minkee fabric that I have been working with these past weeks. So I have included some pieces of it, watch out for that dark purple it sheds everywhere! Ask me how I know (it is all over the beige living room carpet from cutting and layering yesterday!!!) I am including some buttons, fibers, and lace! Hoping that the winner will enjoy this little gift! 

Remember these candle holders froma few days ago? Lola at gave me a great idea. She suggested that I paint them white (done), get two pink candles (done) and then make crazy quilt wrappers (for lack of a better term!!) Next on the list is getting them pieced and made. I can't wait because I think they will look wonderful. I have $6 invested in these so far and the rest will come from my stash. I am thinking a few of the pink peeps or chicks from my header will look really sweet with them too.

The candles were a bargain at Michaels for $2.99 minus 25% last night and they smell so sweet. No new progress on the pink work. I did finish sewing the Minkee throw top together and have it pinned to the batting and backing. Now to get it on the sewing machine and quilt it. It could be the death of me and the machine before we are done!! I don't really think this fabric was made for machine quilting but that is what the directions call for. They have been a little goofy so far so we will see how it goes. I did get the mirror's paint job finished today, so one more task done. Tomorrow that rocker is getting it's last coat of paint. Have a super week!! Don't forget to sign up for the give away and share it with your friends!!


  1. Hey Karen what a lovely gift. Just so you know I visit your blog almost every week. You have a wonderful blog and very enlightening...I know number 1 very rarely wins but somebody has to go first....Hugs my friend Sharon

  2. Those look fantastic white!!!! I also love the pink candles to go on them, they will be so pretty together:)

    Your blog giveaway items are wonderful:):) Please enter me!

    Ann Flowers

  3. Hi Karen .... your blog is soooo expiring. You are so talented with all the crafts you do. Thanks for sharing. I thought I'd put name down for the great giveaway ... I guess there's no harm in trying.
    Cheers Violet

  4. I think your blog is great, I am a follower, and you are on my side bar.
    Would love to win your giveaway.
    PS I like the candle idea a lot, can`t wait to see them finished.

  5. I love what you did with the candle holders. You are always able to turn junk into art.

    Thank you for the giveaway. Please enter me.

  6. What a wonderful gift Karen. I love how you have transformed the candle stand.

  7. You are so crafty and so full of blarney! Thanks for the kind words about Stitchmap and the mentoring. It helps to have great apprentices.......and you will fit the bill nicely. Please enter me in that giveaway...I don't have any of that fabric, LOL. Looking forward to our work together.

  8. What a fun giveaway. And I love the candle holders since they have been painted.

  9. Good morning, it's your mate in England. I love the candle holders. Please put me down for your giveaway. The fabric looks great. luv Lesley

  10. Hi Karen, it's your mad mate from England. I love the candleholders. Please enter me for your giveaway, the fabric looks lovely

  11. Those candle holders are awesome! What a great idea making CQ "wraps" for them too! Can't wait to see it!

    Thank you for having another give away!

  12. Dear Karen,

    I am so glad you stopped by my blog so I could find you. Your blog is wonderful! Those white candle holders came out great. Can;t wait to see them finished.

    Please enter me in your giveaway!


  13. Looks like a great idea with the candle holders and what a deal on the pink candles. I love a sale. Julie and I are creating away it is much fun. Your giveaway looks great-please enter me thanks. Lorrie

  14. Sorry it took so long to enter your giveaway. I l ove your blog. The pink candles are gonna be so pretty. To cq them , are you gonna use paper or fabric?? I can't wait to see them finished. Later, Eileene


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