Thursday, January 14, 2010

Time for an Update!

The minkee throw has become rows of blocks! Yipee!! It is not the easiest thing I have ever sewed but I am getting it done. Not a great picture, but I was trying to get all the colors in the picture. I have the strips sewed and now need to sew these rows together. That will be tomorrow's job. Last night at nearly bedtime I had an inspiration for the Winter block! I knew it needed something and that turned into a heart. Yes Valentines Day is part of winter and although not in this color scheme the heart became blue. I also did not plan for the heart to come out this way, so this is what it became. LOL  Ignore that pathetic snowman who won't talk and therefore remains like she is !! I think she needs a dash of pink, mmmmmm
Today's stop at the Dollar Tree yielded these cute picture frames that will be added to the mirror and rocker and get a coat of white paint. Can't beat it for a dollar each! The trip to the Goodwill was not as good as usual today, the only things I found for crafting was three rhinestone buttons and a green microsuede vest to use for the soles of the slippers that are flitting around in my brain! Need printer ink to print out the pattern and then next week I think they are on the work table! The grandkids pictures will be put in these frames so I can hang them up and smile at the little darlins!!
The week is almost over dear friends so I hope the weekend will find all of us relaxing and resting!! My plan, but does it ever happen?? I think now. Blessed Thursday!

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  1. your throw is looking good...i love the vibrant colors you are using...sounds like a pretty good trip to the goodwill to me...i usually leave our thrift shop empty handed...the prices at our store are ridiculous...i think the lady in charge is under the impression she is actually running a boutique...LOL...


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