Tuesday, February 23, 2010

CQ class pieces reworked

Funny how when you have been doing something, like Crazy Quilting for many years you think that you know what you are doing. I have been doing CQ since about 1995-96. I got into online yahoo groups in the late 1990s. In the past years I have made many CQ items, exchanged a few and although I am not the best stitcher on the planet I like my work. I have a great friend, Louise, who taught me how to do CQ. We started with cotton fabric and I have since moved onto fancy fabrics. I LOVE to do CQ.

In the past few months I joined a group called Stitch
Map and signed up for one of their classes. CQ.
This is my first offical CQ class with direct input
from the mentor. I have learned so much, before I
picked fabrics and colors I liked and slapped them
down, then stitched. I have learned to look at the colors, composition and so much more. The block at the right is the first one I pieced for this class. I
am embarrassed to say how many times this poor thing has been ripped apart and put back together.
This is the last time and I think that I am pretty happy with it. Secretly I hate it after all this time and work (on something I thought I knew how to do) LOL It still needs some hand sewing and a good ironing, plus my stitch line added around it. I even went to the trouble of redoing the whole block (see below) Does this not tell you I have been frustrated. I feel that there are a multitude of things that have brought me to this point, 1)no rulz ??? Sure there are if you want your block to look really good when you are done 2) not used to having a teacher who actually lets me know what needs to be changed and what will make it look better 3) thinking I know it all (LOL~ my kids will love this) and was doing just fine in the past 4) wanting to be the "boss" when I am not 5) still feeling insecure with machine sewing my blocks when I started out hand sewing 6) last but not least being behind (I started after the others wer half way through) from the beginning and feeling like I am chasing my tail to catch up!!

Enough of my tirade, this has truly been a wonderful learning experience and one everyone should have. We never know everything and there is always something new to learn. Always take advantage of classes and if they are free take all you can. Our little minds will dry up and blow away if we don't keep them energized with new things!!



  1. I am working on those little medallions, LOL

  2. I admire you taking a class. It is hard to be told to do something especially at our age. And to make changes, but it is good for our minds to try new ways Way to go!!!

  3. You are doing SO well. WOW, your block looks wonderful!!!!

    I agree I have always heard no rules but really there are principals everyone should follow to make it work. And you proved that it works:)

    I love this class. Mind you we were behind, everyone was at level 6 and we just started. So we had a lot of catching up to do and are still getting there. I know you will do it. And then you will catch up and have to wait for lessons to come out like everyone else lolol.

    Your heading in a great direction GREAT JOB!!!!

    Happy to have you in the class.

    Ann Flowers


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