Monday, February 22, 2010

Civil War reenactment goodies

As I mentioned yesterday in my post hubby and I went to a reenactment in Aiken SC. Here are the goodies that I said I got while I was there. The candlestick holder on right is so different, I know it will get a pink candle plus something laying below it in the glass, thinking pearls or greens. Below are a pair of too cute shoes that I couldn't pass up. They don't look too exciting in the picture, but they are lace!The shawl shown here was another purchase. It is a tan color with gold threads, it doesn't show well in my pictures either. I am not a good photographer as you can see!! This is a smaller size shawl that just lays nicely over my shoulders and is so pretty in person. The price was right at $15!!

I seem to be having a "thing" for anything to do with wrists right now!! LOL These lace little fingerless gloves just attracted me and I had to have a pair. Lacy and light~~~ sweetness!!!Last but not least in my purchases were glass buttons. I adore buttons and glass ones are the best in my book. The very pale colored ones are really pink so two sets of pink and two set of lavender/purple. I could have spent alot of money in her tent as she had lots of beautiful buttons! These were by far the most exciting finds of the day, probably not the cheapest but who cares!!


  1. Oh! What goodies Karen! All very neat finds!

  2. I adore the shoes!! Now I want to go to a reenactment just to buy some goodies. lol
    Seriously though the buttons are awesome too.


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