Sunday, February 21, 2010

Relaxing Sunday

Today hubby and I took off to Aiken SC to a Civil War reenactment. We dearly love these events because before moving to AZ we had a reenactment sewing business. How much fun we had but lots of work too. We met some really nice people and made good friends while doing these events. We met up with Jerry and Joyce (and son) while there. We hadn't seen them in many years and it was fun to catch up with them. Above is a cute item they had in their tent. I thought you would enjoy reading it. Will share my other fun purchases tomorrow.
Here are the last two pieces for my BCQC on Stitchmap. I can't believe that they are finally pieced! Above it the needle roll and below is my needlecase. Now I can move on to embellishing and I am so excited, that is my favorite part!! Bring on the threads to add the bling.
This is Susan's block from CQ4N. We are doing half of each other's winter blocks. I have just begun to add threads to it. I can't wait to get to work on her block. I also have Ing's wool block from CQI to work on. I will get pictures of it and post too. I feel alittle overwhelmed so I am going to work on Susan's block and get it ready to go before I tough Ing's block. Guess I got carried away wanting to make ATCs and hearts plus working on these blocks. (let's not forget that I am planing the big move for April 1st!! LOL  Have to find movers plus the previously mentioned things we need for the apartment) I am crazy that is for sure and heaven help us I need to get the tax stuff together too!!
Have a BLISSFUL week!! Smile and create my friends!!!!

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