Friday, February 19, 2010

Workin' on being Super Mom

Every feel like that? Like you run around trying to be the "best" Mom, wife, daughter, worker, artist?? I feel some days as if my whole life revolves around trying to be the "best" and falling flat on my face!!

Today DD  passed her last test at the Police Academy. She will graduate next Fri!!! Not sure which of us is more excited!! So the "best" mom in me baked her brownies that should knock her socks off! They have peanut butter cup bars in them. I was told that these are the best so we will see. They might be the most expensive brownies I have ever made as it takes 3 of the candy bars @ $1.97 ea! LOL Will she appreciate them?? We will have to wait and see......................
The crazy purple piece on the right will be an ATC when it is completed. I have signed up for an ATC swap on CQ4Ns yahoo site. I have decided that since I loved these fabrics so much I was going to use some of the small pieces to make some of my ATCs with. Of course this one needs some SRE or buttons or something yet !! Some Bling, that is it!!This hear will be embellished and sent for a winter heart swap that I joined at CQ4Ns too.  I seem to have done alot with blue and white this year. Not sure why, since blue is my least favorite color. Somehow pink does not really qualify as a winter color I guess!! LOL

I have been busy shopping, isn't that rough?? Hubby and I are getting a new apartment April 1. We are really excited (at least I am), so we have to collect all the good stuff that one doesn't move across the country~~ broom, mop, sweeper, dishsoap.....get my meaning?? Of course I have bought some more interesting things: Shabby Chic Shower curtain for the mast bath, pink rugs to go with and a pink heart shower curtain (on sale at Target) for the spare bath. I also picked up cute pink rugs with flowers on them (on sale at Target) for the kitchen. Gotta love the day after Valentine's sales! Lots of pink and white for the new place. I am on a mission to find kitchen chairs, checking out the thrift stores for some to paint. I am taking DD's antique, but not in good shape, round table from upstairs. It will get sanded and a good coat of paint, white of course, mmmmmmmmmmmm do you think hubby would notice if I put a light pink on it?? LOL

Have a terrific weekend and hope you have beautiful weather to enjoy like we are gonna have!! 60 degrees here we come!!!


  1. What kind of chairs are you looking for?? I have a few extra. Some even match.LOL Really!!:)

  2. The brownies look delicious! Sounds like you found some great stuff for your new place! I am so excited for you!

  3. I love the beginning of the postcard. The color on that 'paint dauber' fabric shows up so much better on your blog than in your other photo album on MAP. I can understand why you like it so much now! Way to use up what you like most. Hugs. I can see a lot of potential in this little block.

  4. Congrats on getting a new place. I know you've been wanting that. Love the heart and the ATC. You've been as busy as I have (LOL).


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