Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I won!

I was excited one day last week to have an email in my inbox telling me I had won a give away on a blog!!

What did I win you ask?? Well I won this gorgeous book, no it is not what it appears on the cover so check out the  other pages I included. What a terrific book on ideas for kicking your muse into gear if it gets stuck! After reading alittle (and I do mean that since I was as DH put it the "soccer mom" today no offense meant to anyone!!) taking him to and from dialysis, taking myself to an appointment and throw the dog in the mix because he needed to go to the vet! Wow am I tired.......... any way the book looks terrific and like some one could use anytime, not just when they are blocked. I can't wait to spend more time with this book and will be sure to share more info with you as I do. Oh and did I mention it has some great pictures of crafts in it?? Eye candy is another muse booster for me!

Almost forgot the giveaway was from: Craftside Blog
Take some time and go visit, I promise you won't be sorry!!

I can always fall in love with a book and get something out of it!!
Gotta love the quilt shown above in the book!! Makes me want to get something like this done when I get the new craft/sewing room set up, new apartment on the horizen for April 1!! It has three bedrooms, meaning a room for me to have fun in! I am really ready to get all of my stash and other goodies out of storage. Can you believe that I haven't seen most of it since August?? Feels like another life time ago to me. I think this will be the boost for my muse, it is doing fine but we can all use a kick in the pants some days!!           Check out Craftside blog and have a great creative day!!

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  1. Oooh! That looks like a really neat book! Congrats on the win!


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