Thursday, February 25, 2010

Deal of a Life Time! OMG

Yep it is Thurs, time to hit GoodWill!! Here is the Deal: a beautiful white wedding dress marked $75, included the slip, dress, and veil. My purchase price was $1!!!! Can you believe it???The pictures do not do it justice!! It is handmade, beautifully done and lots and lots of fabric, lace, sequins!! Yipee!! Even the headpiece is beautiful!! Pearls on the veil! I can't imagine that someone looking for a gown didn't snap this baby up! I need to pop it in the washer because it was never freshened up after it was worn, probably cost so much they decided to give it away! I am not sure what the fabric is, maybe silk, maybe a poly. It is darn beautiful no matter what it is. After we get moved and I have time to cut this one up I will give it the burn test and see what we have. For  the price I really don't care, because there is a dollar's worth of lace, trim, etc even if the fabric is poly. It would make beautiful pillows or other things if I decide to not use it for CQ. I got some other pieces today including a dining room wood chair for $15, nothing else compares to this dress though!!! LOL  Hubby says you always wanted a dress like that oh no wait you didn't either it has a bow on the butt!! He is so right, it has a huge bow with roses on it. Can't imagine why anyone would want to draw attention to their backside in a wedding dress, not even when you are tiny!! Have a creative and blissful day!!


  1. Great buy Karen, you must have done the Happy Dance when coming home!

  2. How in the world did you get this for a $1. I'm definitely going shopping with you if I ever get out there. That is incredible. And it is very beautiful.

    Nice work. Can't wait to see what you make with it. Do you remove the trim before putting in the washing machine?

  3. The bargain of a lifetime! I am so in awe of your shopping skills. It really doesn't matter what it is made of if you can get a needle through it! Great for some redwork pillows for the bed, soem ornaments for the tree with silk ribbon on them, CQ of course, and so many other forms of needlework. And the pearls and the lace, yummy to die for.


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