Friday, February 26, 2010


Today was a big day at our house. Youngest DD Lacy graduated from SC Police Academy!!! I am so proud of her! It has been a tough 9 weeks for all of us, worse for her. She is officially a police officer now! She starts on Monday at her new job, although she has been there since the end of Oct, a new capacity I guess you would say.

Proud mama and baby girl at graduation!!!!
Finally the bird feeder has seen some activity for the past two days! I am so excited. I hope the landlord won't mind bird feeders at the apartment. Don't know for sure where I am going to put them put I will find a place. Such a terrific stress reliever to watch the birds feed. I would love to get a bird bath too, but I am probably dreaming

The wedding dress got washed in the washer without problems. I used the hand wash cycle, had a small lose of sequins, I figured this would happen as they were hand sewn but the dress had never been cleaned so it was necessary. It is gorgeous and the few marks from wearing came out. It needs to be pressed and then it will be perfect. Did I say it was cream? Can't remember but it is beautiful beautiful fabric!! Visions of cream art quilts, pillows, CQ dancing in my silly brain!!

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