Saturday, February 27, 2010

A new Home A new Block

First the new block. This is Ing from CA's block for the FFT#11 RR on CQI. It is a lovely block made of soft gorgeous wool. Guess what?? I am afraid to touch it! It lays here snearing at my fear. The theme is Garden, flowers yeah!! My favorite theme and I love flowers. Now what is the problem?? It has to be in the mail in 2 weeks, I couldn't put in a stitch last night without taking it back out. I instead worked on my winter heart fo CQ 4Ns. It is turning out great and I am pleased with it. I know I will get going on Ing's block, I have no choice, right???Now the new home!! The first picture is the living room, yes it is empty! It is new and we don't move in until April 1! Had to take DD there to get her approval.I feel like a teenager moving out for the first time and needing my mommy's approval. She was impressed and thinks we have a lot of room, until they move in all the junk in storage that is.

Here is the dining room at left and the master bedroom below. Lots of good light and great closets. The kitchen is the only dislike I have, dark cupboards and black appliances. UGH!! The cupboards are lowered for handicap access so there is not alot of room between the countertop and the cabinets. Although for my short self this should be great, still have to buy a step stool!!!! LOL Can you tell that I am excited? I got boxes at Lowes today and picked up a couple terrific yard bargains. I will share those tomorrow. So I have begun the packing, also got the washer and dryer picked out, who said that something so boring should cost so darn much??? TV is still needing to be purchased, another expensive purchase.

Have a terrific weekend, what is left of it!! Hoping that the muse will come out of hiding for Ing's block soon!!!


  1. Oh- you lucky girl... new house (wish mine was new), graduated daughter (and an officer, to boot), and that ridiculously cheap wedding dress (yay!). Good for you!!

  2. How exciting to be moving into a new house. But I don't envy you all the packing and unpacking. And congratulations to your daughter you must be very proud of her.

  3. Gorgeous wool block. Just pretend it is yours and then stitch on it:) I know you will come up with something great!

    Ann Flowers

  4. Congrats on the new home! The wool block is gorgeous and I know that you are up to working on it. Be looking for a package in the mail. Your block is on its way home in the morning.


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