Monday, February 1, 2010

Hobby Lobby

Today I went to Hobby Lobby and got some goodies. I found fabric, perle cotton thread, glass domes, and a Sheppard's Hook all on sale!! I went for the dome, when I was there before all they had were Huge ones but I decided to get one anyway, on arrival all they had was this wonderful size that I picked up. Love it!! I wanted the Shepard's Hook to hang a bird feeder on out by the tree line in the back yard, hoping to attract birds since the one on the dining room window is not attracting any!

Can't you see see a cute little nest w/eggs or feathers under there? I am not sure what I want for it to sit on but I am sure I will be looking at the Goodwill this week for something!

Then I stumbled on this grapevine tree laying over in the furniture. I didn't see another one like it, but that was ok, it was going home with me! We used to have a large one on the front porch of our house in OH so it brings back good memories but is small and cute! I am not sure what it needs just yet, maybe white lights, maybe lace, mmmmmmmmmmmm
Sat at walmart while looking for something else I spied this three drawer storage unit. Not sure what I was going to use it for I brought it home. Today as I carried it in from the garage it dawned on me (see light bulb moment) it would be perfect to store my embroidery threads on the stand beside my chair. They have been thrown in a bag on the floor. Not only did it look bad but the threads were a mess and it was impossible to find anything. Although it does not look neat and tidy it is much better than it was. The balls of perle cotton are neatly in one drawer, the DMC floss is in another drawer, I didn't say it was neat. Needles are there and scissors are on top. It works great for me.

Fabrics that I found at Hobby Lobby on sale today were $2/yd. I know I need solids, which I did get 2 of at 30% off, they are chintz and really nice. The other three were clearance. I thought the black and white would add some texture to my blocks. The other two prints I just thought I had to have. I got 2 yds of the hot pink/brown batik type fabric in case I decided in the spring to make a top out of it!! LOL

The brown print was a just have to have!! That was my fun for the day and then I ran errands. No fun there but I got things mailed out!!
Off here to work on that last quilt block. I just have the leaves to do and it will be history, at least until I get fabric and make up the quilt top. I have such big dreams for myself.
Live Laugh Love


  1. Great shopping! I love that brown fabric too.

  2. I love your idea for the glass dome Karen and I think I will have to look for a little drawer thing like that too for thread, great idea. You have lot's of them! Great clearance fabric finds too!

  3. I love those glass domes, you are so lucky to have a Hobby Lobby near you. I went to one when I was in AZ and fell in love.

  4. A fun day of great finds! Will be watching for the results!


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