Friday, February 5, 2010

Quilt Blocks finished

Here is a picture of the last of 6 quilt blocks that I have embroidered!! I enjoyed working on them very much and they seemed to go pretty quickly. I will be looking for fabric in the near future to use asa border around them, actually I am thinking about 2 borders.

Grateful that they are done so I can move on to a new piece of embroidery. This is a vintage piece that I picked up on my travels (heaven knows where) It was already printed and I hope it will still wash out when I am done. The fabric is an antique looking cream, perfect for me. It has been fun to pick out some colors and just go to it without thinking about what should go where. The red looking color is really a dark rose color. There are three pieces to this set, one has a dark brown mark on it, so I am not sure if I will embroider it or not, waiting to see.

This cute little pink bunny with an egg came from a box of Red Rose tea! LOL It is only about an inch high, looking much bigger in my picture!! My mom got a super cute white snowman at Christmas when I was there and I had wanted to pick up a box to see if I could get a snow man~~~~ Even better it's pink, making me ready for Spring & Easter!!Have a supper weekend my friends!!!!


  1. I love your quilt squares, I'm sure they were fun to make. Whst a cute little rabbit, it just came in the box of Tea? I may have to get me some.

  2. That pink bunny surely suits you! Cute~ I love your embroidery pieces. Busy lady. I've been stitching on the thread roll up for BCQC. Almost ready to post another photo! It is possible to get the brown stain out but if you clean before you stitch you will lose the design. Ask me how I know!

  3. Love the embroidery! The bunny is so cute!


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