Sunday, February 7, 2010

Recycle, knitting, and more

Recylcing was on my mind today when I was in the sewing room! I have had this little ham salad can sitting there staring at me, wanting to be something besides empty! I took a scrap of fabrci and wrapped it. Then rick rack for covering the edges. I cut cardstock to fit the top, covered it with scrap minkee fabric and stuffed it with polyfil! No cost and using up my scraps and now I have a pincushion and small storage container!! I had to add a couple of crochet motifs that I cut out from a lace band that was in the drawer! 

I found this lovely lace at the GoodWill on Thurs. It was attached to a boring navy jacket. Now that it has been removed, it can be cut into smaller pieces. It is a cream or light gold color and will be great on CQ.
Next up the wrist warmers that I started last night. Not very exciting looking I agree. They are my favorite color, warm, comfy, and EASY!! Who doesn't love easy?? I plan to add some cream yarn to kind of jazz them up when I have the other one done!! Made from left over yarn, so no current cost!! Might have to make more!I
Another flower made from the left overs from the minkee throw. Don't ya love the color?? I have green velvet leaves that I put with it. Another freebie project for the day!!
Last but not least is my sewing buddy! For some reason he decided to nap on this pillow while I played at the table. He is DD's but has been in our care for the majority of the past year. It will really be tough to move out and leave him behind in a few months. Can't remember being without a pet in many years.

Have a fun, creative, and Blessed week!!!!


  1. Well, I was going to say, "aren't they the cutest little things" and then in your last picture there was something even CUTER! A doggie! How adorable!

  2. Really had not thought I wanted some minkee fabric until I saw your rose! Great pincushion/storage! Don't you just love thrift stores! My favorite lately is the dumpster site. They have a building for clothing and household stuff. Picked up some great lace and fabrics there. Free! Do you want one of my dogs?? :) LOL

  3. Hey there! Looks like you've been very busy! ~ You know! You might just have to take that lil pup with you when you move, LOL! He's so cute! ~ Say, do you happen to have a left over snip-it of *minkie* fabric that you made the lil flower with to send me? I would like to feel/touch it so I can go find some or did you get it at Jo-Anns?
    Hey, go check out my last blog post... that's what you will be stitching on next for the FFT. I'm sending it to you this week.
    Hugs, ~ Ing, out West in S. CA

  4. You're always so productive! Great stuff!


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