Monday, February 8, 2010

Velvet Fun

On the CQI list they have been talking about stamping on velvet. I decided in a quick minute to give it a try. I used a lace applique to do the butterfly at right. The word done below was accomplished with a stamp. I am happy how they turned out. This was done quickly, with scrap fabric and spray starch! LOL Not the way it is supposed to be done. You are supposed to use water, somone did mention spray sizing so that is what gave me the idea of the starch. Next time I intend to take my time, using water and a nicer piece of velvet. I can see lots of possibilites here and how great they will look in CQ.

This block was made to use in the FFT#11 on the CQI list. Today with a critical eye I have decided that it is not good enough to mail out. I am not happy with the way the black fabrics meet at the top center of the block, there is alittle place there that just does not lay correctly. I will be remaking this block tonight or tomorrow. I want to get it mailed out. Don't ya just hate that, when ya think something is done and then you look at it and mmmmmmmmm it just doesn't get it?? Really annoys me, of course when I have less time for myself as hubby had hand surgery this AM and needs more of my time!! LOL Life I guess......Have a terrific week!!!


  1. Karen, I received my magazine in the mail today. What a great give away. Full of so many ideas. Thank you so much. I hope you husband is doing ok, and that you find a little time for yourself.

  2. At least one of those fabrics look familiar! Sorry the block is not to your liking. I may still do another red one. Love the velvet. Great even if it was a quickie! Hope hubby's recovery is fast.

  3. Great job on the velvet embossing! I would have never thought about using a lace applique! I don't have any stamps but I do have appliques! Now I can try it! lol


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