Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CQ class & FFT#11 Block

I have begun piecing my block,pincushion and altoid tin top from the BCQC on Stitchmap. I was not happy with the batik that I chose so I have replaced it with a solid green that you can see in the picture of the block. It really picks up the green in the draonfly print, although this might not be easy to see in the picture. I have to piece the needle book yet and finish the block that will be a needle roll. I will share as they come along.
The block on the right is the one that I made to replace the last black and white one that I shared with you. I was not happy with it so I pieced another one. This is one for an RR on CQI. The RR is FFT#11 (Fabulous First Timers)

I have completed the wrist warmers, pink ones and started another pair in cream yarn. The vintage embroidery piece is also done and I have started a table topper that is a stamped one done in shades of pinks and greens. Will take a picture to share soon.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week, dollar sale at the Goodwill. What will I find? Last week the was a silk blouse, a red wool blaszer, and a couple of linen dresses. Hoping for buttons and lace but ya take what ya get!!

Hope you have a fabulous day tomorrow, I'll be thinking of ya while I shop so I can find things to share.


  1. Hope you find lots of treasures at the Goodwill store!!!

  2. OH MY I love the colors you chose for the class. The green was a good choice as it pulls out the green in the top left fabric. Love the pin cushion too. Cant wait to watch them come along in the class!!

    Having been in a black and White RR in CQI. I have to say I love your block, they come back so beautiful!

    Wonderful job on both!!!

    Ann Flowers


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