Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Yes it is Thursday and time for my weekly trip to Goodwill. Today was wool day: three beautiful blazers in wool fabric. Cream, cocoa brown and a pumpkin orange. Don't ya love them? It looks as if I went out to buy fabrics that went together, isn't it? These will get washed and fulled or felted (which ever term is correct) Can't wait to get them washed so I can go at them with the scissors. A lace vest , with MOP buttons is in the wash along with a gorgeous white drape. The drape is for the new home or if not it will get dyed and used in sewing, couldn't pass on it for $2!
On the left is a picture of the candle wraps that I have talked about. They need to have a backing or trim on the edge. I think I see another set in my future, as I would like to usee just pink and white, less prints. I am not real pleased with the way these turned out but they will work for starters. I think the beautiful white fabric will be a great center for the next set, part of DD's bridal gown. Please don't throw things, they are divorced and the dress was too beautiful to throw out or give away!!

Off to stuff red wool hearts made from last week's blazer! I have made at least 4 hearts, three small and one larger. I haven't really touched the main part of the jacket, so I am pleased with my $1 expense!
See ya all soon!! Blessings!

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