Friday, February 12, 2010

New Toy!

The new toy is here! This is a thread zapper as seen on Craft Gossip and Allie's blog. Have not had a chance to try it yet. It was purchase on line from SOVA and arrived in two days from NM, I am impressed. The tip that you see in the second picture gets hot (battery inside) and burns thread, edge of ribbon etc to stop fraying. I think it will be used inplace of Fray Check. I do love my toys!!

Here is the finished pink wrist warmers. I added a cream dot or flower and laced cream yarn through to give them alittle more definition. They are so soft and warm! Love them!!
The beginning of the next set of wrist warmers in cream!!
Valentine's Day will be here soon and I am making hearts from a red wool blazer from the thrift store. I plan to hang the largest one at the top with the smaller hearts hanging down from it. Maybe on the front door.  The plain hearts need alittle blinge or lace or something...........mmmmmmmmmmmm alittle too boring right now. So off to make them and me happy ! I should be able to get them hung just in time to take them down next week! Always alittle slow here!

Have a great weekend my friends!!!!! Hoping for NO snow for any of us!!!

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  1. What a neat, new gadget! Haven't seen that before. Hum...that's what I should have been doing with the snow instead of snowcream! LoL


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