Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow in SC

Didn't I move here to stay out of snow??? The laugh is on me! The snow began here at 4 PM and is still coming down. We have over 4 inches per the news and may have 8-10 in before it is over. It really is beautiful These pictures are the beginning of the snow. I will be taking more in the morning!! Amazing the dog loves it and he has never been in the snow before, he hates rain and cold so I am confused!! LOL
A crafter has to find a way to enjoy most anything I think. This was my way of enjoying the snow. On StitchMap the challenge this week was to dye fabric or paint fabric with snow. I was rather disappointed that I couldn't join in. But tonight the tide changed and as the snow came down someone online mentioned I could now join the fun. So I did!! Above and below are the two piece of fabric with the snow and paint on them I used three colors on each piece. The first fabric (below) is a heavy white cotton, twill or duck maybe.The other fabric is a cream muslin in the upper picture.
Here are the fabric after the snow has melted. Now I wait for them to dry overnight and we will see the magic in the morning. I have already noticed that I left the muslin with a spot in the middle that will be blank. Oh well. Tomorrow I may pull some more fabric and give this another try. DD was having a fit that I was dragging in snow and "making a mess". Kids, they never understand do they?? She thinks I am crazy but that is an ongoing issue and not just caused by the snow painting!! LOL What a fun start to my weekend, although the drive to dialysis in the morning maybe a challenge!
Hope you are having a fun weekend too!

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