Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Book to Love

Today a new book arrived in the mail. I picked this up at Joggles, using her day light savings time sale. This book came up in one of my groups where a lady used her RR blocks and made a book out of them. What a cool idea right? So I started a search for this book which has been out for a few years. Picking up a used one was out of my budget, cost more than a new one, don't know why!! So I sprang for a new one and I am delighted with it. I have so many ideas to try when the new studio is open LOL. Should be a couple more weeks, we move in 2 weeks but you know how it is. The kitchen and bedrooms etc come before a sewing studio. DARN!! If I lived alone I would work on that sewing room first thing. I could live on snacks and sleep on the couch!! Crazy aren't I??? 
I wanted to share with you my work in progress on my needle roll for BCQC at StitchMap. It is coming along. I still have some stitches to do, a couple seams to cover. The a picture goes off to my mentor for her approval. Then I get to move on the Lesson 5, Lesson 7 was just completed as this is a new course so I am getting caught up. I just had to push myself to get this done and through the parts I wasn't happy with. A very interesting experience. I sure do look at my work and my blocks differently. Now to just find something to mark my stitches with that doesn't show so much so I am happy with that aspect.
Hoping your week is going great and you are creating lots of sweet art.


  1. looks like you've been your work

  2. you dearly make me wish i was better at sewing...this is lovely...


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