Friday, March 19, 2010

Love that mailperson!

Yesterday's mail brought more goodies! Wow! What a week! My BFF Louise from Ohio sent me an envelope full of hand made motifs to use in my CQ. Doesn't she do the best work??? I love love love each and every one of them. They are the perfect size for CQ which is not easy to find. I have ofund plenty of crocheted or tatted medallions/motifs but usually they are a little too large to use in CQ unless you cover more than one piece of fabric on the block, that is ol sometimes but other times I would like to have something this size on hand. Makes me wish that I had continued to tat but I am not very patient and want instant gratification so tatting is not for me. Louise is a much more patient woman than I am. She is also self taught. Her crocheting is splendid too. Nothing makes me happier than a gift of her crocheting or tatting!! Can't beat a friend with talents like that! Have a terrific Friday!!


  1. Have you tried needle tatting? Easier for me - the shuttle was like work, the needle is fun.

  2. I love tatting, all those medallions are wonderful what a great friend you have.


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