Saturday, March 20, 2010

A little late........................

I forgot to share with you what I picked up on Thurs @dollar day! The best buy by far is the glass dome ! It was a dollar! I couldn't believe it. I also picked up a couple pieces of jewelry this week. There are pearl earrings and a heart charm bracelet. I figured I can tear the hearts off the bracelet and use them on multiple CQ patches. The earrings will have their backs removed and then they can be sewed onto a block as well. I also picked up two beautiful enamel bowls/pans. Aren't they cute? No I won't be using them for sewing or crafting, just to make me smile in the new kitchen!
A picture of the CQ block that I have been working on. I have pinned on the two embroidery pictures I plan to add after they are approved by my mentor. I hope she will like their placment, although she may veto the lady because she maybe too big. I removed the herringbone stitches on the right side of the green piece. I couldn't stand the fact that they leaned. Now I am stuck with the marks from marking the templates. I will figure out how to cover them, haven't had time to sit and think about it yet, as I just removed them before I took the pictures!! Loved the gorgeous weather today and went to the flea market. I got a wood and upholstered rocker for $10, needs new fabric and maybe some new padding in the seat. Sturdy and good wood. I also picked up some black and white striped fabric for the backside of the duvet cover for our bed. I need to find the perfect black and white toile for the top yet and I can get to work sewing it after the move.
Hope your weekend is blessed.

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  1. Hi Karen, can't believe you found that wonderful cloche for a dollar!!! It's gorgeous, I think a nest would look great in there, Hope you're having a great weekend!


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