Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Sunday!

Today I have lots of pictures for you.The two pictures here and the Valentine below were picked up at the flea market. Not cheap but I couldn't pass them up!! Aren't they too sweet??
The chains above right I got at Micheal's on clearance. I have been wanting to try some of the necklaces seen on many of the blogs and Craft Gossip where they take lace/or flowers and make a necklace out of it with chain to hold it together. We will see how successful i am at this! Again the mailman surprised me with the cute cards from Shari to use with our upcoming move! They are great Shari, THANKS~ The next pictures are more fun from Micheals!! The manniquin  was 50% off and could I resist pink, not a chance! Should look perfect in the new sewing room or somewhere else....The oink chicks I bought some last year and fell in love with them, had to have more this year too. Aren't they just the best? Then there are the beautiful rose colored bottles and rose garland, Micheals at 50% off. Sweet trimmings for the new home, maybe on top of the kitchen cabinets, they are dark so anything that will brighten them up will make me happy. The Shamrock windchime is a gift for DD #1, who's birthday falls on, yep you are right: St Patrick's Day!! I love the way this is made and it is glass so there is extra sparkle. Another half price goodie, hoping she will love it too.This is more work on the block for StitchMap. Hoping this ribbon will be the contrast that Shari is looking for here. Covers up my goof and brings some different color to the block.

Last but not least is the most expensive purchase at Micheals. This punch was seen on Dawn's's blog.
She has the most wonderful and creative ideas and this was one of her ideas that I really wanted to work on. I love to make tags and I thought if I could punch my own on paper I picked out it would be some much more fun and turn out better than I expected.Her blog just calms  and inspires me. If you have never stopped over please do so, you will love it.
Have a terrific Sunday dear friends!!


  1. Hi Karen, Thanks for your comments on the Easter egg. (I tried to email you back but you are set as a non-reply).It's size is 9" x 7" at the widest point. I have been following you through Bloglines for several months and look forward to your shopping treasures and seeing the blocks that you're working on. Blessings to you and your upcoming move... can't wait to see all these goodies on display. Happy CQ ing!!

  2. Wow! Looks like you had fun finding goodies! I love that tag punch too! I saw it at Dawns and need to get one as well. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful items!!


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