Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Embroidery on Needle Roll

Here is the latest embroidered motifs on my needle roll. This is not the actual one I am using for the class but the second one that I pieced. I am practicing on it before I start on  the real one!! I made some spider web roses, using the drawing provided in the class info. These are the first ones I have ever made and I learned that it makes a difference if the spokes are not even, hate that they show where I couldn't finish filling it in. Learning experience. Guess I will be more careful with the next set I make. I used a varigated perle cotton #5 from DMC and like the way they turned out color wise. Below are the butterflies that I had just outlined earlier. I filled one in with satin stitch and the other one with French Knots. I don't think they turned out too bad!
Remember that posts maybe come infrequent or stop for awhile while I plunge into the big move next Thurs. Between exhaustion, not being able to find the camera and who knows when I will have computer service!! LOL So many variables to being able to be  online and post. The other thing is there will be little or no time to stitch so I won't have much to blog about anyway!! Hope your week is creative!!


  1. Looks good! I really like the french knot butterfly! Good luck with your move! Will be thinking about you till you get back online!

  2. The spiderweb roses came out lookign good as did both of the butterfly's. Have you tried silk ribbon embroidery? I lvoe to do the SRE so if you want pointers just ask me.

    Wow, good luck on your move and hurry back!

  3. Nice embellishments. Good luck on your move.

  4. Looks wonderful. I usually am unable to hide all the spokes no matter what thread I use. I think it is much easier to hide them when you use ribbon. Thread is tricky. One thing you can do is. Come up a little ways away from to the spoke but under the last layer, lay thread over the spoke and go down just like how you came up. It hides the spokes.

    I love the thread you used it is beautiful! Your butterflies turned out great too.

    Ann Flowers


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