Friday, March 26, 2010

New Storage New Book ................

Hubby is a dialysis patient for those of you who don't know and has to take in alot of protein. Lately they have been sending him home with protein drinks (he says taste terrible) in these cool plastic tubes. Of course my first thought is drink lots of these they are perfect for storage. The label peels off so easy and they wash up great in the dishwasher! I can see buttons, pins, ribbons and more in them. Unfortuneately they are not clear but will work anyway! next is a lovely book from Tues Morning, while browsing there I happened upon it $6.99/hardback with such lovely pictures of women doing needle work.I had to share pictures of the beautiful FL strawberries that DD brought me. Her boss gets them and brings them to work to sell and I was thrilled. with them. It seems like it should be June to me with the counters full of fresh berries. Large sweet berries!!Then there is this beautiful bottle, not my usual buy since it was pricey but I couldn't pass it up. Another purchase at Tues Morning. Since the bedroom will be black/white with pink touches this bottle just seemed to scream that it needed a home in the new bedroom. I think a touch of pink fru fru inside will be great but will have to wait and see. I tried so hard to pass it up but couldn't do it!! LOL

This is a picture of the whole block for my needleroll that I am working on. Thought you might like to see how it is turning out. Remember this is the practice one. I have just begun work on the real deal!! It is not nearly as far along as this one. This one I didn't put alot of thought into it, some but not like I did the one for my class.

Found out yesterday that we can get the keys to the apartment on the evening of the 30th. I am even more excited that we can get in sooner. Cable guy comes the morning of the 31st and then we are free to go!! All the planning I am doing in my head, furniture placement. Of course all depends on what I really have in storage, is it there or did I sell it......all good questions until that storage unit is emptied. I know that my memory is not what it used to be that is for sure. Hope that your weekend is full of fun and sunshine!!

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  1. You have found some delightful treasures. The book looks fantastic. Your block is lovely. I wouldn't call it a practice block.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. It was a delightful day.


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