Friday, March 12, 2010

Lace Painting and more Treasures!!

I promised to share the rest of Thursday's treasures so here they are. This cute wooden cupboard that is already being painted white! The glass front is missing and I am thinking about replacing it, or maybe not. $2 worth of little cupboard that can be hung on the wall. a small basket for 50 cents, three small china plates for 50 cents each, and they match the saucers I got a couple of weeks ago, how neat! I have decided that my dishes don't need to match, just have some pink in them!! Last but not least a wonderful encyclopedia book, 50 cents worth. I haven't had alot of time to go through it but there are some nice pictures and the pages are a wonderful aged color. Although printed in the 50s (when I was born for gosh sake!!!) I guess it qualifies as an antique and has some wonderful age/patina to the pages and cover!!

Lastly today is the lace that I have played with this afternoon. After visitng Nicki Lee's blog and etcy shop I couldn't help but wonder  what this was like and how it would turn out. I had some Luminere paints that I have had forever, saving them for some great project. When this was going to happen I didn't know. The lace was from last week's thrift store sopping. I knew there were flowers and leaves and since Ing's block for FFT#11 was flowers I thought I would give it a try. I put paint on the parchment paper I put out and tried it out. I loved the way it went on after I added water. The darkest ones were done before I watered it down. Once there is plenty of water in the paint it absorbs into the lace easily and is a nice pastel color. I played with both of the sets I had and  even mixed some colors. The peach color looked prettier in the bottle than it did on the lace, even watered down I thought. The above pictures were taken when the lace and paint are still wet, I will retake tomorrow to show you what the dry lace looks like. I am really pleased with my results and plan to do more of this in the future. My plan for the new creating room is to have all of the paints/brushes etc in one place at a table so this kind of fun can be done by just taking a glass of water to my room and starting. I hope this will work out since I like to paint everything: lace, fabric, paper, wood.....don't sit still you might get painted too!!!!

Hope you have a special weekend!!!


  1. I like the lil cupboard Karen and can't wait 3 more weeks to see it all shabby-white and on the wall of your new place. I need to get my paints out and give some color to most of my laces. I've got tons from past lace buys. Will you be cutting yours apart to use on my block? Love the pastel colors and I think it will look great on my Springtime block!!
    Thank you Hugs, ~ Ing

  2. I think my problem with paint is I prefer dark colors and have not been able to achieve that.
    Your lace looks great. Love the little cupboard. Not sure I'd paint it but I'm more Victorian than shabby chic. I look at several shabby chic blogs and really enjoy them. You and others have given me a taste for 'pink'!! Me?? A ' I love red' from way back!! LOL

    Glad you and hubby are home and safe. When I wasn't talking online,I prayed. :)


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