Saturday, March 13, 2010

New Books!

I stopped at Big Lots this afternoon, looking for a wicker rocker but not finding it. Instead I found some great books and wonderful prices. In case I have never mentioned it I love  love books and am always looking for something new. First are two embroidery books that have great motifs ! Then there are two books on decorating by Country Living, one of my favorite magazines!! For $3 and $5 a piece you can't beat the book price!! I guess not finding a rocker was worth it this time!! LOL

This block I have showed you before I started on it. It is Ing in CA for FFT#11 on CQI. Her block is all wool fabric and so beautiful and easy to work on.  Except for the middle right square I did all of the work. She wanted Spring Garden and I hope that I have done just that. I plan to add something to the dk green area next to the bottom corner. I am still thinking about it.
Here is the lace, completely dry and looking pretty good I think!! Need to get it cut apart now. This will make many little motifs.
Last are the stitches that I did this morning for BCQC lesson #5. I used the plastic templates that I made as part of the class. The templates were easy to make and really great to use. These were offered as a freebie on StitchMap by Kathy S. I am so glad that she did these for us. Now I can get on to lesson #6. I have caught up pretty well I think as the lesson 7 is just coming out. I have sure learned alot.
Hoping that you have some of the beautiful sun that we have today, last night was thunderstorms so we are grateful!!

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