Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stitchin and painting Sunday!

Lots to share today! First I added lace to my CQ block for my CQ class on StitchMap. Next will be the stitching!! Then I decided to play with the fabric paints again! Do I love this?? YEP!! I also added a picture of the paints thatI used. I have used both of them each time that I painted on lace. These turned out different than the first set! I adore something new!Pictures of the lace and paints are at the bottom of this post. For some reason blogger thinks I don't know where I want my pictures today. Really I did know but I can't get them where I want them!! LOL
Speaking of new! Check out the bird feeder that I found at Lowes the day I got the angel and bird. It was a mere $7 and I love it. Thinking it will look pretty gorgeous on my patio/deck of the new apartment. Two and a half weeks and we will be moving!! Can't wait!!
Finally I have Ing's block finished. I added the small rose bud lace applique to finish it off. I really hope that she will like this work that I have done. I had to really push myself to get through the block that I put in my own mind about working on her block. I sure hope that I don't feel the same way when the next block arrives at my door. How scarey would that be??

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  1. Karen, your lace painting is beautiful. I need to try doing that sometime.


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