Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am Back!!

Funny how busy life has been around here. Aches pains and bruises to prove that moving is a real pain!! LOL Here is a winter heart that I received from Lori on CQ4N. Isn't it beautiful?? Loving the pearlsshe added to the buttonhole stitch!!BooHoo......Can you see what happened to some of my old favorite plates?? I can't bear to throw them away, maybe I will get brave and try to use the best pieces in some type of mosaic. Such beautiful plates and such a loss but things could be worse.
Here is Gayles block from CQI, FFT#11 RR. It is a Christmas block. I have added the gold seam binding on the middle of the block. I rouched it into place and will probably either add French Knots or  beads along that line. The other seam I did a feather stitch with a beautiful thread that is read, white and green. Then I added SRE green leaves and metallic gold thread French Knots. I worked on this while at an EGA meeting today (my first and I don't think it will be my last!!) I want to find some lace or a motif to add to the lighter green square. She said she likes encrusted so I am gonna try to give it to her.
Here are two windchimes that I broke down and bought yesterday for the patio!! Gotta love birds ya know! They are so sweet and have a rusted chain and bell on the bottom of each of them. The big trick will be to get them hung, because the patio roof is way high!! I can't wait to hear them chime!!

Hope you have a terrific week!! Blessings!!

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