Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sewing Room

For those of you with perfect neat and tidy sewing rooms/studios here is the PIG PEN!! I have made a lot of progress in the past day and a half in here. Obviously it does not show yet. The closet is 100 %  better than it was when I started yesterday!! The worst part is I want to work in there all the time and not get the rest of the apartment straightened out. Imagine that?? LOL The first picture is the closet. The next two are from the door of the room. It has alot of good light and will have a hanging daylight light soon.Love these old glass doorknobs! They came out of one of the boxes this afternoon. I wish I could remember the idea I had for them when they were in storage and I couldn't get to them to use them. It was something I saw on the internet so if any of you have any great ideas for their use let me know ok??

Hope you are having a splendid week. Blessings!!!!


  1. Hi Karen! Thanks for signing up to follow my blog. Judging from these photos, you are BUSY! I can hardly wait to see the final results.

  2. Looks familiar to me! Was it one of those boards with the knobs as coat hangers? I'd love to find a couple of these...for closet knobs.

  3. This room looks like my stash room looks! Maybe even a little neater than my stash room!
    Good luck getting to the bottom of it.

    Hugs, Shari


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