Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making the house a Home

Finally had some time to have some fun and decorating around here. Thought you might like to see a few of the things I did. I wrapped a rose vine around the light in the dining room. I wish this were a beautiful chandelier but renters can't be have what they want!! LOL I took this tall glass container that I got at HL half price a couple of Christmases ago. I filled it with pink beads, then pink net, addes some pink and white roses and topped it with cream antique lace and a cute pink bird. It will go back on top of the china cabinet. This is the top of the kitchen cabinets. The first picture is a tall old light yellow container with a picture (hard to see I know) and ivy spilling out of it. The two old flour sifters were the plain one was mine and the white and red one my Grandma Ella's. Under the two coffee grinders is the picnic basket we used when I was a child, I am sure that makes it an antique!!This upper cabinet has some of my copper collection in it. Hubby and I love copper and had alot more of it in AZ, can't always move everything and I don't have it all out yet. I added some greenery and a pink bottle to the mix. Here is the boss, you have seen him before but I just had to snap this picture of him as he watches me run around the house, up and down the step stool doing my thing!! Guess he figured it was better to be some where that I couldn't step on him instead of under my feet which is where is always is when I am in the kitchen!!

Finally, the top of the china cabinet. My favorite dishes, which of course are no longer made. Darn, I wish I could find more. Beautiful set in my opinion.

Thanks for stopping by, have to get back to stitching down those doilies to the velvet pillow cover.
Have a lovely blessed week.


  1. Hi Karen!
    That rose vine made an otherwise ordinary light fixture look positively elegant, good job! :-)

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. Thanks for the tour, I love to see how people decorate their houses. And as for the boss I understand about him I have two of those in my house and I follow all their rules!!!

  3. Looking good Karen! You're moving right along!

  4. Go to and give them the name and pattern of your dishes. They may have some for sale. !

    Carol Lindberg


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