Monday, April 26, 2010

Using Doilies~~~~~

kari posted this cool idea for using doilies in framed artwork. In reading this I ended up finding other things made of doilies and since I had just had mine all out and washed them they were on my mind. I decide why not. I would rather use them and see them then have them stored away.

I started out with a 14" X 14" pillow form. I cut pale pink velvet into a piece large enough to cover the pillow form, so about 15" X 15". I sewed up three sides of it and then I began to place crochet doilies on it in a pleasing to me manner!! I am using the Coats Button and Carpet thread in a cream color to lightly stitch the doilies to the velvet. I am planning to cover the entire front of the pillow, the back is still up in the air. I had alittle trouble with getting my pictures where I wanted them so please look below for the other picture of the pillow top.
Then I started a table runner of doilies. The picture at the bottom is where I was laying it out on the bar. I wanted to make it for on the bar rather than on the table. Dark countertops that need lightened up!!
I used the same thread and slightly overlapped the edges of the doilies and lightly sewed them together. I can easily take them back apart in the future if I want to and I didn't have to cut any of the doilies either.

I really love the way the runner turned out. I might add one or two more doilies to make it alittle longer and cover the whole length of the bar. Had some fun today decorating the space above the kitchen cabinets and the top of the china cabinet. I will share those pictures with you tomorrow.

Had a wonderful day with hubby today celebrating our anniversary!
Have a wonderful week.

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