Monday, April 19, 2010

What I am working on~~~~~~

A new shelving unit in the sewing room has given me more space to store things on and things are beginning to look better. See in the next picture you can see some carpet. (UGH hate carpet, miss my hard wood floors.)
Here is the Hoosier that I mentioned yesterday. It is so beautiful, wish I had room for it in my kitchen where it belongs. Below are some (!) of the linens that are being washed to go back into it. There is a pile of crocheted, lace work pieces, a pile of emboirdered pieces and then there are the table clothes, napkins and kitchen towels. I also have a small pile of wearables: aprons, collers, etc.
I included a picture of a vintage embroidery that was 3/4 of the way done so I finished it so it could be washed and used in the future. Kind of hard to tell what I added, don't ya think??

On CQI we have been talking about using rick rack on projects and while I was cleaning out the cool things I collect I find this piece with two kinds of rickrack woven together and then crocheted into a piece that was originally an edging on a pillowcase. Isn't it a cute idea?? Oh to be able to crochet...I think that should be my next thing to learn. Since I have yarn, I should be able to get away with only buying a crochet hook to learn........................ Not a bad cost to learn something new!!!

Have a SWEET week!!


  1. Wow - the rick rack looks wonderful woven together like this!

  2. Hello again Karen. You'll have no problem learning to crochet. After completing that awful ATC and a piece of embroidery I've taken a break from the needle and have been crocheting some recycled sari silk, (making a purse) It's hard going because of all the different textures within the silk, it also crochets up much faster than I expected so I had to order some more and now I have skeins paid for, but stranded in India and the US. Just love that volcano! lol luv Lesley

  3. Love that Hoosier cabinet. It is beautiful and I think your linens will be gorgeous in it.


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