Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our New Home

Today I wanted to share with you the outside of our new home! The inside still needs alot of work although I did get curtains hung in the master today. Here is our patio, kind of messy still, tomato plant there in the corner and in the back against the house is the wood from my dad's barn door that I hope to use as a headboard to my bed. It is gonna take some muscle and we are short on that around here. LOL Then you will see the shot of the whole apartment building. Our front door, looking kind nice and homey. Finally roses!!! Yes we have roses in bloom already and lots of them planted around the complex which makes me very happy. I need to get out and take some more pictures of the grounds around the apartment. There is a lovely pool which I have not had time to try out (also not real sure that the water is warm enough for these old bones) We also have a pond which a walking track is planned  to be put in around !! Sometime soon the doggy park will be completed and then Braxton and I can check that out when he is staying with us. We do doggy daycare for the granddog!! LOL
I went to church this AM, I need to find one where I am happy and comfortable and this maybe the one. I plan to go back next week and see if I feel the same. Beautiful church with a laid back atmosphere just right for my taste.
I have worked on dusting the antique hoosier and washing the antique linens today, who is this crazy lady that collects all of them??? She is for sure crazy but most of them I love love love!! I want them all washed, sorted and put back in the hoosier so I can move onto another project. I did unpack the sewing machine yesterday and can actually get to it if the time arises!! Looking forward to a minute when I think I can play and not unpack boxes or clean (UGH!!)

Hope you have a blessed and creative week!!


  1. Welcome Home!! Looks like a place I need to visit!! :)

  2. Hi Karen, I'm so pleased you're settling in OK. Your apartment building looks really homely and inviting. Don't work too hard. I can tell you're itching to get back to stitching, then you'll really feel at home. Take care of yourself and family. You know that all of us at CQ4N are thinking of you. Blessings Lesley

  3. Hey Karen! I do miss you and am glad you seem to be doing well there!


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