Sunday, May 16, 2010

Cover that Couch!

After seeing a delightful slipcovering of a couch over at Beach Vintage I decided when moving the furniture around yesterday to try the same andam really happy with the results. I did forget to take before pictures and am sorry to report I am NOT tearing this apart to show you what it did look like.  The chaise is covered in a matlesae bedcover with a rose print fabric on the pillow on the back. Dgranddog thought he had to be part of the make over too! The chaise is origianlly a beige background with a floral print and looks dirty all the time even though it isn't. The seat cushion is all one piece which one day I am going to take something to and remove so it is easier to cover!!

On to the couch. It is a sage green and looks fine I just wanted a change (know how that is??) I covered the seat with a vintage cream lace and fabric tablecloth. I have used this before on here but sat the cushions on top of it, letting the lace hang out from under them. This time I decided to see if I could cover the entire seat cusions with it and ta da it worked!! The arms and back pillows (explains why it appears kinda bumpy) are covered with a small rose print fabric from my stash. I threw on the CQ pillow I made with our wedding picture on it, a bolster pillow I made with a vintage embroidered linen (made perfectly to throw the bolster in) and a sweet bunny made by BFF Louise. Got this one without DGD in it!! LOL
Yesterday while redoing the living room I decided to move the bookcase out and put it by the door at the entry way. While doing this job I decided to sort the books and keep them in some type of order, you know CQ with CQ, dolls w/dolls  book. I came across beading books I bought some time ago when I took a beading class. I spent the evening with them and decide that the above book was by far the best of the half dozen I have. It has lots of interesting info, answered all of the questions I had lurking in my head while I beaded. I have beaded more in the past week or so than in my whole life so I am on a new learning curve. So if you are new to beading check it out. Also ordered more beads and thread from Joggles last night, be sure to check them out if you need beading things. Love the Taho beads and Salamide thread, she has both and you can't beat her shipping price. Nothing annoys me more than to have someone want to charge me $5 to ship a spool of thread!! Off the soap box now.

Have a great week friends!!!


  1. You've been very busy. I agree with you about the shipping costs. Having an Etsy shop I rack my brains out trying to get a low shipping rate.

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