Thursday, May 13, 2010

Grape Dyeing!

The use of Walmart grape powdered drink mix can be seen in my photo. I am not thrilled with the photo again!! One day I am gonna get it right. It turned out a light lavender almost mauve color. The one lace piece at the top had the gold colored edging on it before I dyed it. That one is the least pretty of the batch. The ones in the foreground turned out really sweet.I have been really busy with the beading on my CQ lessons. They are going well and I can see the end of the road with this class. Lesson 8 will be putting the pieces together so that will be exciting.
Vickie's block is ready to mail out in the morning and I forgot to take a final picture. Darn!!
My spring block is being worked on I have added two different types of lace and some seam treatments. I may even add some beading to it before I send it off to Lesa. I have a couple of gifties to get in the mail too. I am so far behind it seems!!
Looking forward to Memorial Day weekend as I will either be having company (DD may come down from OH) or I will be spending the day with my friend Julie from Columbus OH. Either way I will be a happy camper!!


  1. I don't think they did as well as the cranberry! Perhaps they look better but I know you've been having fun and that counts. :)

  2. I never thought to use kool aid- god only knows why- as it colros my fingers every time I make it!!

  3. Thanks for your sweet offer, if I don't manage to find anything on my trip to the USA I'll let you know. Hugs, WILMA


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